Robert Appelbaum

Born in Brooklyn, New York,
educated at the University of
Chicago and the University
of California, Berkeley,
Robert Appelbaum is Professor
of English Literature  
at Uppsala University, Sweden.

His current writing and
research focuses on food         
and literature,terrorism and
literature, consumption
practices, and the early
modern period, especially
Shakespeare and Milton.

Robert Appelbaum
English Department
University of Uppsala
Box 527, SE-751 20
Uppsala, Sweden
Photo:: Marion Appelbaum
Now on sale:

Working the Aisles:
A Life in Consumption

'A harrowing performance in lived theory'.

-- Kimberly Johnson  

Covering roughly 50 years, from 1960 till a few years ago, Working the Aisles
paints a telling picture of the astounding economic and social changes of the half
century. This is a very entertaining and at the same time melancholy and
thoughtful novel-like trip into our ever-growing appetites.

  -- Josip Novakovich
Now Available from Oxford University Press
Terrorism Before the Letter:
Mythography and Political
Violence  in England,
Scotland, and France

Terrorism before the Letter carefully recovers the
literary history of a so-called mythography of
terrorism that Robert Appelbaum locates in the
bloody religious conflicts of early modern Europe.
While boldly considering early modern political
violence as terrorism, Appelbaum argues that
literature must be discussed by scholars of
terrorism more broadly ... Terrorism before the
Letter offers a timely contribution to terrorist
studies. -

Alexander D. Campbell, Tim
es Literary Supplement