Robert Appelbaum
Food in Sweden
Pontus! Served Me Frozen Crab – But Maybe It’s Okay
Being Thirty Years Behind The Times

The other day, my wife Marion and I were strolling with a friend around
the city centre of Stockholm. As we came toward Stureplan, the posh
entertainment and shopping district of the city, we passed by a
restaurant called
Pontus!, owned and run by a famous chef named ...   
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Sweden Goes Mexican, Kind Of . . .

The story of the burrito has many beginnings, going back to
pre-Columbian times.  The staple of Aztecs and other ethnic groups in
ancient Mexico was maize, usually cooked in the form of a tortilla; and
many of those tortillas ended up being rolled and stuffed with a
variety  ...
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Photo: Marion Appelbaum
A passionate meditation on the meaning of
consumption in contemporary society. Its
engagement with the concept, while primarily
auto-biographical, offers a number of
theoretical pointers and extended critical
openings that turn this book into an example
of what good, experientially relevant, cultural
studies might read like today. There is a lot
here to remind us that capitalism is as much
about systemic expropriation and value
accumulation as about `immaterial' struggle
on the terrain of affects and desires.
Appelbaum's incantatory and recurrent motto
- `they do not love you' - comes to life in a
series of vignettes, ranging from the warmly
frivolous to the painfully moving, in which the
alien seductions of the commodified universe
of the supermarket combine and alternate with
the enslaving pressures of precarious work.

Robert del Valle Alcalà
Jacque's Board

Take a good look at the picture above. This is a plankstek, a traditional
Swedish dish made with beefsteak, mashed potatoes, mushrooms,
béarnaise sauce, vegetables wrapped in bacon, and a tomato wedge.
One of the problems with the plankstek above is that in the menus from
which I ordered it was called  a Jacques bräd, or Jacques
' Board. The
restaurant billed itself as serving French food, so that I assumed that
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